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Design  |  Carl Fischer
Designed  |  1940´s 
Production  |  1940´s 
Manufacturer  |  Pottery Fischer
Orgin  |  Germany 
Style  |  Art Deco
Material  |  Ceramic
Size  |  H 15 | D 12 cm
Weight  |  450 Gramm
Lot ID  |  177
Pottery Fischer | Jug | Vase |
Carl Fischer  |  Pottery Fischer,  1940´s 

Jug or vase with handle, produced by Carl Fischer, Bürgel, Germany. Produced about 1940 / 1950. Marked with the manufacturer´s mark and model number 176.

Good condition, no cracks, no splits.

Measurements: Height about 15 cm | Diameter: about 12 cm
Weight: about 450 gram

Carl Fischer  |

In 1919 Carl Fischer founded the "Bürgeler Keramischen Werkstätten". His early caramic shapes where designed in the style of Art Nouveau and Henry van de Velde. Later designs are related to the works of the Bauhaus Pottery.

More about Carl Fischer.

Pottery Fischer  |

The Carl Fischer Pottery Workshop in Bürgel operated from 1919 until 1959.

More about Pottery Fischer.

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